My name is Bill Wehnert and I have been programming since 1981.  I was first exposed to computers via an IBM System 34 and learned to program in Basic.  From there I went to RPG II and COBOL.  It was love at first site when I watched my first program run and do what I wanted.  How cool was that!?!  I just created something from nothing.

Through the years I’ve worked in Pascal (Turbo Pascal & Delphi), C, C++, C#, VB.Net, T-SQL, Clipper, dBASE III, IV, PHP, Javascript, HTML, and Perl.

I’ve had the great pleasure of being a DBA and working with Microsoft’s SQL Server since 1996.  I’ve spent time with Oracle, MySQL and DB2.  I’ve even played around with RavenDB to see what all of the NOSQL fuss is about.  It’s cool, haven’t come up with a need for it yet, but I’m sure it will appear.

I’ve done Client Server, Embedded and Web Development.  For the last fifteen years, it’s been almost exclusively web development. From simple HTML pages through complex Ajax based pages.

For the last eight months I’ve been working with WordPress and am delighted in how flexible the system is in putting together websites and how extensible it is.

My full time job is devoted to ASP.NET MVC 4,5 Development against SQL Server 2008.  It’s an amazing platform as well and let’s you do just about anything you can dream up.

I’ve been married for eleven years and have two boys.  It has been a wonderful adventure and continues to amaze me every day.

God is indeed good!